Cristobal Ascencio

Hi! I'm Cristóbal, I graduated from visual media and advertising back in Mexico a while ago, and after running a travel and event company for a few years I decided to leave it all behind and find something else.

It´s been a little over 2 years now, and travelling became my one thing. To me, travelling is not about going places or visiting museums. It´s more of a mindset. You know how when you travel everything is new and amazing?  All people are somehow interesting and life itself is just beautiful. Well I wonder why cant everyday life be like that?

LOST / FOUND is a little project i started that combines my passion for photography and travel. In here you will find some stories and places I´ve been lucky enough to get lost in. 

This is somehow a visual diary of what travelling and storytelling mean to me.  A personal attempt on capturing moments and stories through images. Interested in anything you see or read? Get in touch, I'm always in the mood for a beer and a nice talk. 





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